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CallnRoam is a cost effective solution that offers you International Calling, and Easy Roaming all at one place. With CallnRoam you don't need to activate International Roaming with your local mobile service provider, however, can receive calls made on your USA number in any country at very low costs, you can also make very low cost outgoing calls. If you buy any of the two plans on CallnRoam you can use it for either International Calling, Easy Roaming.

We provide International Calling & Easy Roaming services, which come bundled with both the plans that are available for purchase on our website.

We provide 2 types of Callback facility:

1. Normal Callback:
This is a service that can be used once you are on International Roaming and want to use CallnRoam service for making an International call. Here you need to call a CallnRoam DID number; the call will get disconnected immediately. Within a fraction of seconds, you will get a callback with an IVR asking you to dial the destination number. As soon as you punch in the destination number the system will dial it and will notify you as soon as the call is connected.

2. Mapped Callback:
This is an advanced service that can be used once you are on International Roaming and want to use CallnRoam service for making an International call. In this service we map few of the numbers that you call frequently with CallnRoam DID numbers.

For example:

  • a) US friend's number: 788-547-1854
  • b) CallnRoam DID: 788-547-5454
  • Map (a) & (b): {(788-547-5454) + (788-547-1854)}

Now just by calling (b) number, the system will know that you intend to call your friend. The system would disconnect your call and call you back, post that the system would call your friend and connect you with him/her. You can just save your friend's CallnRoam DID no. in your phonebook to reach your friend immediately - when abroad.

One can order CallnRoam services either Online from CallnRoam Website or can also purchase the same from any of our resellers where we offer our calling cards in the USA. Even you can call our support department on +1-818-450-5797 or 1-888-358-4002 to purchase the services over the phone.

It will hardly take 5-10 minutes to activate your services after we have received all the information from your end

Every CallnRoam customer is facilitated with a Unique ID and pass, using the same you can check your balance and other information related to your account online.

You can also call Customer Support and get all the information regarding your services.

We cannot refund your money back, however just to inform you that the validity of the services is of 1 month from the first usage. Check the validity of your card and use it later. Also, you can use the same balance as a calling card with best rates for calling across the globe 24/7

We would recommend you to use it completely as there are no refunds for any card returned

Call CallnRoam customer support, they will help you to extend / Upgrade your services.

We do not have any hidden charges like one time rental, maintenance charges, connection fees, disconnect fees, long call fees and so on. Ours is a clean product and the price you pay includes all the charges. There are no hidden charges what so ever.

At this point in time, we do not provide any handsets.

You can buy the service from

Validity is from the day of 1st usage and will vary from plan to plan. Please check the plan details for more information...

Please call +1-718-705-8114 and press 0# to be connected to our 24/7/365 customer care center.

A maximum of 9 numbers can be registered with our services for making low cost international calls from US.However, this also depends on the plan selected. Only one number can be registered for using Callback services while roaming.

Yes, you can use our Hotline / Speed dial features available free with our services

Yes, we do. You can visit our website: to know more about our offerings.

No, you will be able to receive and make only one call at a time.

Yes, you can use the services for your business also.

  • Reduction in costs for international roaming, saving up to 80%
  • Most competitive rates to our traveling subscribers
  • Ease of use
  • Seamless connectivity all across the world
  • Sustain your preferred number during roaming without paying roaming charges
  • Be in touch with your relative and business while traveling
  • Excellent services and support
  • Local Number to the destination you are traveling to save on Local call as well


Yes, you need a Local access number, however, you don't have to worry as you will get it with our services.

Yes, if you are using the services during the validity period.

No. This is not a contract service, as it's just a prepaid service you have the complete liberty to continue and discontinue the services at any time.

Possibly, we are not sure, you need to check with your operator.

Our call center is in Gujarat, India and staffed with well-trained customer service professionals.

Roaming is considered when you use your mobile services outside the operator home area (Service area). Depending on plan a home area can be a city, a geographic region, a state, or the whole country. If you use your phone outside this home area, you are said to be roaming. All phones have some visual display (Network) to let you know that you're no longer in your home area. When you roam, airtime rates are typically much higher than your plan rate, and you may even be getting your service from a different carrier. In addition to your roaming rate, long-distance charges and in some cases further usage fees may apply as well. When you roam, your local operator gets charged from another operator for your usage. You local operator will forward all those charges on to you as Roaming charges.

We have a Pay As You Go Plan and an unlimited plan for India roaming customer. For customer going with Pay As You Go Plan will pay the most competitive rates for all the calls to US and other countries while roaming in India. Every call saves up to 70% to 80% of your international roaming charges. Keeping customer's requirements in mind we have designed our unlimited services, where they won't have to pay for any incoming or outgoing call using our services. As of now unlimited services is available only in India. Unlimited services will only be applicable if customer is using Callback services of CallnRoam.

  • Get unlimited* talk time for a low $25/month on local access to any phone in any state of India
  • Roam India Unlimited Plan comes with a one month validity and is rechargeable, so you can talk to your loved ones as long as you wish.
  • Activation of international roaming is not needed on your regular mobile
    • Get connected to your contacts for long hours with uninterrupted crystal clear connection
    • Make unlimited calls to the US and Receive unlimited incoming calls made to your US number
    • 1 minute Call rounding
  • Login to the Self Care portal to manage all your Roaming and Calling needs yourself
  • Get FREE Hotline and Speed Dial features


International Calling is a service which you can use to call anywhere in the world. We'll provide you a Pinless Calling facility, you can use the same to call anywhere in the world at competitive rates. We'll provide you with an account online, which you can use to call, recharge or make any changes.

Yes, you can use the International Calling services to call anywhere in the world, you will get the best rates in the market without any contract

Yes, special rates are available for both International Calling and Easy Roaming services.

Yes, local SIM operator will charge a nominal fee and it will differ from operator to operator

We do not charge any hidden fees; we provide and believe in clear services. With us what you call is what you pay.

Incoming call charges will differ from plans selected. The SIM card operator would charge you a nominal per minute charge which you need to check with the operator. With our unlimited services, you won't be charged extra for any of your Incoming call on your USA local mobile number. For other plans every Incoming call you will save up to 70% to 80% of your international roaming/Incoming charges.

We would advise you to check the charges from your local operator for the call forwarding service.

We would recommend you to use your local SIM service for internal calling. You will get the best cheapest rates available.
For overseas calls, you can use CallnRoam International calling facility like Callback. Callback facility is a convenience to you and provides competitive international rates with superior voice quality.

For Unlimited India call to US will be free using our Callback facility. For the Pay As You Go plan you will get the best competitive rates in the market. For details please refer CallnRoam website or approach Customer support.

The rates will vary, however the rates will be the best in the market. For details please refer CallnRoam website or approach Customer support.

Every CallnRoam customer is facilitated with a Unique ID and pass, using the same you can check your balance, validity and other information related to your account online.