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About Us

Often recognized as one of the best international calling services provider in the US, Call ‘N Roam is proud of connecting families around the world at the lowest market rates. Along with BridgeVoice Inc. - its parent company - Call ‘N Roam is part of the Bankai Group, a leading tech conglomerate with presence in 4 continents and an extraordinary track of success in the telecom industry.

Founded in 2010 by Mr. BankimBrahmbhatt - Bankai Group’s tireless CEO - Call ‘N Roam is entirely focused on providing quality communications at unbeatable prices while enabling meaningful business opportunities for retailers and resellers. This wouldn’t be at all possible without Bankai’s enviable partner network, which comprises 1000+ interconnect companies in a list that includes several Fortune 500 market players.

A business model based on technology and reliability

Since its inception, Call ‘N Roam has completed over a billion calling minutes and 300+ million calls per year. These numbers have been key to sustain average yearly growth rates of 60%, a figure that even within the context of a thriving tech industry can be labeled as staggering.

Thanks to Bankai’s R&D support and its constant provision of solutions aimed at improving calling services, Call ‘N Roam has reached all-time minimums in call drops, lags, echoes and other common VoIP problems. On top of this, Call ‘N Roam offers a top-tier customer service for both resellers and end users. The fact that the company guarantees 24/7 phone and chat support should not be taken as an extra feature: along with its consistent partner network and the tech-oriented solutions policy, an excellent customer service represents Call ‘N Roam’s third cornerstone.

For Call ‘N Roam, simplicity counts as an ultimate value. Whether you want to reach your loved ones over the phone, stop the appearance of hidden costs or boost your business’ profit margins, we have the right solution for you. The time to call is now!