Easy International Roaming Services from CallnRoam

Easy International Roaming

Innovative way to keep in touch with everyone even while travelling globally at affordable rates!

If your business or job demands you to be always on the move, then opting for our Easy International Roaming services is inevitable. International Roaming by CallnRoam is an Innovative, one-of-its-kind service that allows you to make and receive international calls without incurring expensive charges when you travel internationally.

Here are our Easy International Roaming services important features:

  • Keep your Number
  • Never pay insane Roaming charges to your carrier!
  • Stay connected with your loved ones or your work while travelling globally
  • Multiple destinations? No worries. Switch anytime!

We offer two kinds of Roaming services:

1) Roaming Incoming
2) Roaming Outgoing

We offer International Roaming to customers as a feature – along with our regular plans (& also as a stand-alone plan.)


  • Roaming Incoming works for almost every country in the world
  • Roaming outgoing works only from countries which allow outgoing caller IDs to be passed as it is.

How it works :

Sign Up!

Sign Up for Pay As You Go or Unlimited India Roaming Account

  • Login with your account ID and password to CallnRoam self-service portal
  • Set up Easy Roaming with step-by-step easy to use wizard
  • Receive and Make Low Cost International Roaming Calls

Select Roaming destination

  • Select roaming destination you wish to travel.
  • Receive incoming calls in your roaming destination
  • Make outgoing calls from roaming destination at Low Cost
  • Free Switch Over between Roaming destinations

Enter Roaming Country Number

  • Buy a SIM card from your travel destination
  • Receive incoming calls on your roaming destination
  • Receive your Home/cell Phone Calls while you roam

Get a CallnRoam local Access number.

  • Redirect all incoming calls to this CallnRoam number
  • Set up your Incoming and Outgoing Roaming Service with CallnRoam number

Divert Calls

Divert your Wireless/Home Phone to the CallnRoam local Access Number provided by CallnRoam

  • This ensures Easy Roaming Facility
  • Activation of International Roaming is not required

Make and Receive Calls

With CallnRoam Easy Roaming you can make and receive Calls at real cost effective prices saving up to 80% on roaming charges.

  • Make outgoing calls at local call rates
  • Hotline Feature for quick connection